About Us

AVAN MediBazar is a leading medical device, instrument, accessories, and healthcare needs and services marketing and distribution company in Bangladesh. Healthcare professionals, purchase managers; and end-users such as home users, corporate customers, patients, expecting mothers, etc can find their needs and buy products and services . We serve our customers through direct mail, industry-specialized support staff, field sales representatives, and use of the internet and mobile technologies.

We support medical professionals by providing products and services in an efficient and transparent way. Our customers are connected, informed and are known to adapt in using technology to their advantage.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring positive change in the current complex structure of medical supplies and make it easily accessible using technology, breaking all geographical barriers

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that, people have access to innovative and quality health treatment!

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the industry with high-quality devices, instruments, accessories, and healthcare needs and services at the lowest possible prices. We believe that this will not only improve the quality of healthcare access but will also increase healthcare access.
Our industry-specialized, highly trained support staff and field sales representatives are proof of our customer-centric philosophy. We keep abreast of industry competition and trends within our core markets, and our customers have come to rely on our ability to adapt to changing markets and the industry’s evolving needs.

Our Team

We work as a team, sharing ideas and conventions, to deliver the best possible outcomes to our customers. We ensure integrity by delivering on our promises and making things happen.
Our team’s desire is to make significant contributions to the communities in which we work. We have a restless desire to take things to the next level, to stretch our abilities and become the number one full-service provider to independent hospitals and doctors who operate under controlled budget

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